Dine In Only


Blackberry Falls Old Fashion
RockFilter Spirit, Blackberries, Orange, Orange Bitters, Seltzer, Seven
RockFilter Stone’s Throw Bourbon 14
RockFilter Barrel Roll Rye 15

NorShor Nightcap
Licor 43 liqueur, Cold Brew 13

The Nordic
Norseman Gin, Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, Simple Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice 14

Oldenburg Fashioned
Tattersall Straight Rye Whiskey, Sour Cherry & Orange Crema Liqueurs, Orange Peel  14

Learn how to make the Oldenburg Fashioned

Skyline Summer
Cabbage Infused Tequila, Agave Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice 14

The Garden
Ketel Botanical, Giffard Violette Liqueur, Fresh Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Calçada Rosé 15

Endion Elixir
Absolut Pear, St. Germain, Lime 13

Split Rock Spritz
St. Germain, Blackberries, LaMarca Prosecco, Seltzer 13

Zenith Martini
Jose Tradicional, Foro Dry Vermouth, Limoncello, Fresh Lemon Juice, Orange Bitters 13

Zero Proof and Low Proof

ZP: Zero Proof/Alcohol Free
LP: Low Proof/May contain up to .5% alcohol

Superior Sunset ZP
Fresh Blood Orange Juice, Fever-Tree Ginger Beer, Fresh Lemon Juice 9

Park Point Palmer ZP
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, Lemonade 9

Duluthian’s Delight ZP
Cold Brew, Chocolate, Seltzer, whip 9

Canal Chiller ZP
Ghia Liqueur, Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic 9
Aperitif or Berry

Lake Breeze ZP
Ghia, Fresh Lemon Juice, Agave Syrup 9
Aperitif or Berry

Piedmont Punch ZP
Ghia, lemonade, seven, and sherbert
Aperitif or Berry

Twin Ports Tonic LP
Ish London Botanical, Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic 12

Blackberry Falls New Fashion LP
Gnista Spirit, Blackberries, Orange, Orange Bitters
Gnista Barrel Oak 12
Gnista Wormwood 12

Port City G & T LP
Clean Co. Gin Alternative, tonic 12
Add Ghia 13
Aperitif or Berry

Sunny with a Chance of Flowers Rose 9% 12/35
Decoy Featherweight Sauvignon Blanc 9% 14/42

Sunny with a Chance of Flowers, Sparkling Rose 9% – Monterey County, CA 12/35
Lively taste with refreshing acidity, delicate red fruit notes, and a crisp, clean finish, complemented by its low-calorie content of 85 calories per glass, as well as Vegan making it an ideal choice for guilt-free indulgence  

Decoy Featherweight, Sauvignon Blanc 9% –  Hopland, CA  14/42
Delicate citrus notes of Meyer lemon, grapefruit, and lime; complemented by lush, tropical fruit flavors and a long, crisp finish.

301 Breakfast Cocktails

The Buckshot Bloody Mary – 12
Prairie Organic Vodka, Bloody Mix, Nashville Hot rim, Venison Sausage, Wisconsin Cheese, Dill Pickle, Pimento Olive & “The Buckshot”

301 Minne-secco Mimosa – 11
Build your own mimosa with your own mini bottle of La Marca Prosecco and OJ on the side

The Lady Slipper – 12
La Marca Prosecco, Limoncello, Strawberry Liqueur


Charleston, Palomino – Galicia, Spain
Crisp acidity, delicate floral aromas, and vibrant notes of green apple and citrus, culminating in a dry, versatile profile 12/42

Local Draft Beer

Seasonal, ask server for details

Bent Paddle – 9

Earth Rider – 9

Castle Danger – 9

Local Cans

Seasonal, ask server for details

Bent Paddle Brewing Co. – 7
Bent Hop (IPA), Pilsner

Castle Danger Brewing – 7
17-7 (Pale Ale), Cream Ale

Earth Rider Brewing – 7
North Tower Stout

Domestic Bottles - 7

Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Blue Moon, Michelob Ultra, Michelob Golden Light, Sam Adams Boston Lager

Import Bottles - 7

Stella Artois, Corona Extra, Heineken, Modelo Especial, Guinness

Cider & Seltzer

Duluth Cider – 9
Strawberry Basil, Chai, Gitch Semi Sweet

TRULY Hard Seltzer – 8
Wild Berry, Lime


Heineken 0.0 – 5.5

Two Roots IPA – 6

Summit Brewing NIALAS IPA – 6