301 Signature Cocktails

The Superior Smash – 13
A twist on a traditional Whiskey Smash, ours features Roknar Cognac cask finished rye whiskey from Far North Distillery in Hallock, MN, fresh mint, lemon and simple syrup

Northwoods Negroni – 12
Vikre Cedar Gin, Aperol, Sweet Vermouth, Orange Peel

Juniper Gin Lift – 11
Vikre Juniper Gin, Tattersall Blueberry Liqueur, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Soda

Oldenburg Fashioned – 12
Tattersall Straight Rye , Tattersall Sour Cherry & Orange Crema Liqueurs, Orange Peel

Scandinavian Wallbanger – 12
Vikre Aquavit, Tattersall Orange Crema Liqueur, Galliano, Orange Juice

Congdon Canchanchara – 9
Alander Light Rum, Honey, Lime

El Santo Honeycrisp – 14
El Tesoro Tequila Blanca, Apple Cider, Lime, Jalapeno

Blood & Sandbar – 10
Brenne Single Malt Whisky, Tattersall Sour Cherry, Sweet Vermouth, OJ

301 Breakfast Cocktails

The Buckshot Bloody Mary – 9
Prairie Organic Vodka, Bloody Mix, Nashville Hot spiced rim, Venison, Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese Curd, Spicy Pickled Asparagus, Pimento Olive with Sriracha, Worcestershire, horseradish and lemon shot

Tattersall Blueberry Bellini – 8.5
Tattersall Blueberry Liqueur, Prosecco, OJ

Seasonal Beermosa – 6
Earth Rider Blackbecrush Tart Wheat Ale or Bent Paddle Wilderness Tuxedo “POG” Sour Ale with a splash of OJ

301 Minne-secco Mimosa – 8
Build your own mimosa with your own mini bottle of La Marca Prosecco and OJ on the side